@Home Creates Broadband Auction


Redwood City, Calif. -- @Home Network said last Thursday
that it will work with Egghead.com and Internet Shopping Network to create a
"broadband auction" site, where @Home customers can bid on and purchase
merchandise in real time.

Online auctions are a hot Internet destination these days,
@Home executives said. And when experienced in conjunction with an always-on cable-modem
connection, they're even better, because customers can essentially place live bids.

"Having witnessed the growing usage and popularity of
online auctions, we believe that our agreements with Egghead.com and [ISN's] First
Auction will be vital components in delivering a compelling shopping experience to our
customers," said Charles Moldow, vice president of @Media sales and marketing at
@Home, in a prepared statement.

Muldow said Egghead.com's Auction and ISN's First
Auction sites will be anchor tenants in a new auction category on the @Home Shopping

Plus, @Home's recent acquisition of Narrative
Communications Corp. will help auctioneers to drive impulse purchases, because product
advertisements can be configured to contain real-time bids, executives said.

Jupiter Communications estimated that sales of merchandise
via online auctions will grow to $3.2 billion in 2002, from a universe of 6.6 million