@Home Picks Buydirect.com for Software


Redwood City, Calif. -- @Home Network forged an exclusive
arrangement with online software retailer Buydirect.com
last week, replacing an agreement inked earlier this year with Release Software.

The deal includes a five-year commitment for @Home to use
Buydirect.com as its exclusive software outlet, in return for "a significant
payment" to @Home, according to a prepared statement. The significance of the payment
was not described.

The deal gives @Home's subscribers access to software
rentals or purchases online, in part because of @Home's arrangement with Arepa Inc.
Arepa's technology allows users to play CD-ROM content without the CD-ROM, over a
broadband network.

Charles Moldow, vice president of sales and marketing for
@Home's @Media group, said the deal gives @Home and its customers a large selection of
premium titles, timesaving tools, product ratings and reviews.

Bong Suh, CEO of Buydirect.com, said in a prepared
statement, "When it comes to software downloads online, speed matters,"
explaining that software like Norton AntiVirus Crash Guard would take three hours or more
to download over a 28.8-kilobit-per-second phone modem, but just three minutes over @Home.