@Home Snares Bloomberg Content


Subscribers to the high-speed data service @Home Networkwill soon be able to create and examine personal portfolios with analytical toolstypically only available to businesses and financial experts, through a multifaceted dealwith Bloomberg Financial Markets.

The arrangement, which Charles Muldow, vice president ofmedia development for @Home, called 'a biggie for us,' means that @Homecustomers will be able to manage their personal stock portfolios in several ways: bysetting parameters that ring alarms when a given stock price exceeds a certain rate and byaccessing Bloomberg's extensive digitized library of financial information.

'This means that customers will have database accessto any audio and video feeds related to specific companies -- like analyst calls, CEOinterviews and media reports -- so we're taking all these multimedia, analyticaltools and assembling them together' on the 'Finance Channel' portion of thehigh-speed @Home service, Muldow said.

He said that because all of Bloomberg's content --audio, video and text -- is created digitally, the match was an easy one.

'Time to market from story to online is almostinstantaneous, which is obviously important in the financial space,' he said.

Plus, @Work, the business-focused division of @Home, willhost and manage Bloomberg's servers, and Bloomberg's radio, television andmagazine network will cross-promote the @Home and @Work services, Muldow said.

Michael Bloomberg, chairman and CEO of Bloomberg L.P., saidin a statement that 'as personal investing becomes more popular on the Web, consumersare being inundated with information, creating an extremely complex financiallandscape,' and added that the @Home deal 'will provide users with the resourcesnecessary to set and reach their financial goals through the PC.'

Muldow said the Finance Channel service, bolstered withBloomberg's content, begins at the end of next month.