Horowitz: Dial-Uppers Want to Upgrade


Plenty of Internet surfers appear willing to unhook their dial-up service for high-speed Internet access that involves cable modems or digital subscriber line equipment.

Horowitz Associates Inc., through a study released in part at the National Show here last week, declared that 40% of more than 480 dial-up consumers surveyed last month are considering a modem or DSL switch.

Seven of 10 high-speed customers are interested in one or more of the broadband services the cable industry will offer in the near future, such as home networking, Internet firewalls and parental-control features.

One in four said they are willing to pay $10 or more above their monthly high-speed bill to get those services.

What's more, two out of five high-speed customers are intrigued by different types of premium content available over their personal computers, including streaming video or music, or downloaded news, sports or children's features.