House OKs Continuing Resolution, Preventing Shutdown

Media-related Riders Remain in Play

The House Friday (Dec. 11) voted to pass the continuing resolution (CR) that prevented a Dec. 11 government shutdown, but only until Dec. 16, according to C-SPAN. The Senate passed the CR on Dec. 10.

Passage of the CR gives legislators until Dec. 16 to decide what the omnibus budget bill will look like, including whether it will contain riders grandfathering Joint Sales Agreements that would otherwise have to be unwound under new FCC rules, and ones blocking funding for implementation of new FCC network neutrality rules until their legal challenges had been resolved, and preventing those rules from being used to impose rate regulations.

According to C-SPAN, no work is planned on the CR over the weekend, so it may be early next week before it becomes clear which, if any, of those media riders will survive on the final bill.

The White House would likely veto a bill that included blocking the network neutrality rules the President publicly and promintently endorsed. The Administration signaled this week that ideological riders could trigger a veto, and put the blame on the Republican backers of those riders if that hapens.

Computer companies this week were calling on Congress to drop the network neutrality riders.