‘House of Cards’ Deals Broadband Traffic Bump

Traffic Rose Markedly During Season 3’s Premiere Weekend, Sandvine Says
Sandvine-House of Cards s3 traffic 400x300.jpg

Netflix doesn’t report viewing data on a show-by-show basis, but a new report from bandwidth management firm Sandvine illustrates how the debut of season three of Netflix original House of Cards correlated into a traffic bump for at least one ISP over the weekend. 

According to data gathered by Sandvine from an unnamed North American fixed network operator, traffic levels jumped between 10% to 15% on Friday and Saturday, and between 30% to 35% on Sunday, March 1, versus traffic levels seen during the prior week. The new season of House of Cards premiered on Friday, Feb. 27.

In the chart above, the red line represents traffic during House of Cards’ launch weekend, and the blue line represents traffic levels during the prior weekend.

While the chart shows how bandwidth usage jumped during last weekend, Sandvine likewise warned that no one should use the data to try to interpret ratings for the Netflix series. Nielsen, meanwhile, reportedly began to measure viewership for shows streamed on OTT services such as Netflix and Amazon since December 2014.

According to Sandvine data released in November, Netflix streaming eats up 32.39% of aggregate traffic (downstream and upstream) on North American fixed networks.