House GOP'ers Introduce Trifecta of Transparency

Wheeler, O'Rielly to Appear as Witnesses at Hearing on Bills

The House Energy & Commerce Committee Republican members are introducing what they bill the "trifecta" in legislation to improve FCC transparency, and say they have lined up FCC chairman Tom Wheeler and process critic Michael O'Rielly to testify at a hearing on the bills April 30.

The committee has had a long-standing interest in FCC process reform, but it was peeked by the chairman's refusal to break with tradition and publish his draft of new network neutrality rules, a decision O'Rielly and House Republicans criticized as less than transparent.

Wheeler suggested that to change that horse in midstream would require following procedures that would have delayed the imposition of new rules to fill the gap left by the court's decision to invalidate his predecessor's efforts at an Open Internet order.