House Homeland Security Committee Will Look Into Boston Bombing

Chairman McCaul Will Look at What Happened, How to Prevent Future Attacks
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Look for a hearing in the House Homeland Security Committee on how the Boston Marathon bombing was pulled off and how to prevent a repeat.

That came after Friday's capture of the second suspect--the first is dead. At a press conference following the capture, FBI special agent Richard DesLauriers said he was "very, very grateful" for the media's help in circulating the videos and photos that helped capture/kill the alleged bombers.

In a statement Friday, committee Chairman Michael McCaul (R-Tex.) commended law enforcement for their efforts, calling the manhunt "monumental." But he also indicated his committee would need to look into the bombing, given its success.

"While several plots of this nature have been thwarted, this is the first to succeed.  Americans must not back down in the face of terrorism, and we will continue to look for those would attempt to do us harm," he said. "In the coming weeks the Homeland Security Committee will begin to ask how this happened, and how we can prevent it from happening again.”