House Leaders Push Expedited Carriage-Complaint Process


Washington —The House Appropriations Committee
last week urged the Federal Communications
Commission to wrap up its rulemaking to expedite program-
carriage complaint resolution and to try to help
LightSquared salvage its wholesale wireless network.

It was only a suggestion, but one made by the committee
that holds the purse strings in the midst of passing an
FCC appropriations bill.

Appropriations bills are passed in tandem with
committee reports explaining the bills and giving
government agencies some advice on various issues.
And while it is not binding, one committee
source speaking on background points out
that agencies pay close attention to the reports.
The FCC had not returned a call for comment at
press time.

In addition the committee wants the FCC to help
LightSquared find new spectrum for its planned
wholesale wireless broadband network, and otherwise
help spur broadband deployment.

The committee report supported the FCC’s
proposal to rescind the conditional waiver to
LightSquared, a proposal that came after the
commission concluded there was no way to mitigate
GPS interference from the proposed service
in spectrum adjacent to the GPS band.

The committee ultimately wound up cutting
$23.9 million from the FCC’s $346.8 million request
for fiscal year 2013. The FCC has not commented
on what that will mean in terms of belt-tightening.

The next stop for the bill is the rules committee,
and then it goes to the floor, although there was no
word as to when that would happen.