House Republicans: No Title II, Period

Senate Commerce GOPers, House E&C Members Sign Letter To Wheeler
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All the Republicans leaders on the relevant FCC oversight committees on both the House and Senate side urged the FCC to reject calls to reclassify Internet access under Title II common carrier regs.

Those calls have come most recently from President Obama and also include hybrid Title II, Sec. 706 proposals the FCC is considering in its effort to restore open Internet rules thrown out by the court.

The Republicans response came in the form of a letter to FCC chairman Tom Wheeler from every Republicans on the House Energy & Commerce Committee and the Senate Commerce Committee, which means all members of the respective communications subcommittees.

"Title II cannot and should not be applied to broadband Internet access, including through a so-called "hybrid" approach to reclassification," they wrote. They argue that the "plain language" of the Communications Act precludes regulation of the Internet under Title II.

They also argue the FCC can't get around the problems with Title II application by picking and choosing the provisions to apply (forbearance).

In the letter they point out that 20 Democrats have also separately opposed Title II.

The chairman has continued to say that all options, including Title II -- hybrid and straight reclassification -- remain on the table, and that he wants to preserve an open Internet and prevent anticompetitive paid prioritization without discouraging the network investments and innovations that have built out broadband.

Those rules are not expected to come out until early next year.