House Schedules Hearing on Receiver Flexibility

With Spectrum Scarce, Communications Subcommittee Wants Ideas about Role of Receivers

The House Communications Subcommittee plans to hold a hearing Nov. 29 on "The Role of Receivers in a Spectrum Scarce World."

Broadcasters have a number of receiver issues, including radio chips in cellphones and the degree to which spectrum-sensing receivers allow for more sharing of TV in the so-called white spaces between TV channels.

It was also an issue with GPS receivers that has prevented the FCC from freeing up some spectrum adjacent to the GPS band for advanced communications, specifically LightSquared's proposed wholesale 4G wireless broadband service.

"Spectrum is essential to jobs, technology, and the economy," said Subcommittee chairman Greg Walden (R-Ore.). "The demand for spectrum, however, is quickly outpacing the usable supply. As part of the subcommittee's ongoing conversation on making smarter use of spectrum, we will discuss the role of receivers and examine how we can stay flexible while preparing for the next generation of innovation and advancement."

There has been no word yet on witnesses.