Houston, Dallas Feeling Grande


Competitive provider Grande Communications will gain a foothold in the
residential telecommunications businesses in Houston and Dallas through the
acquisition of customers there formerly serviced by TXU Communications.

Under the terms of the deal, San Marcos, Texas-based Grande -- which sells
bundled video, telephony and cable services -- will acquire the rights to serve
former TXU customers in a real estate development in Round Rock, Texas.

The agreement also includes 30 "upscale" multifamily residential dwellings
throughout Houston and about 15,000 commercial and residential lines in the
Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio and Austin markets.

Grande already serves select business customers in Houston and Dallas.
Although it has franchises to serve cable homes in the cities, it has not yet
built a system there.

Grande also acquired a "DMS-500" Nortel Networks switch in Austin, which the
company said will give it ample room to serve residential,
multiple-dwelling-unit and commercial accounts there.