How Cable Can Help Boost Jobs

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Unemployment continues to
be a national concern and meaningful
work is becoming more and more difficult for people to find. During these
challenging times, good jobs are among
the greatest contributions cable operators
can make to the communities they
serve. As an employer of skilled professionals,
the cable operator
is uniquely positioned to
provide exciting career options
for members of the local

Today, some operators offer
job training through local high
schools, preparing competent
students to step directly from
graduation into a high-potential
career path while remaining
close to home. Many others
provide comprehensive, customized
employee training
that not only increases efficiency
and reduces costs, but
also increases job satisfaction
and professional growth.

Another significant step a cable operator
can take — while creating a competitive
advantage within its markets
— is implementation of an employee
continuing-education program.

Many employees appreciate the value of
advanced education beyond job-specific
credentials. When financial or other barriers
prevent would-be students from pursuing
a college degree after high school,
they may long for the chance to continue
their education while holding down a job.
In some communities, the opportunities
to do so may be in short supply. The cable
operator that offers options for continuing
education won’t just gain more educated
workers, it will also earn the devotion of
ambitious employees.

Online education programs that teach
management skills, marketing effectiveness
and general business practices will
also benefit the employer as much as the
employee. Participants will gain a better
understanding of the business issues facing
management, enhancing their ability
to think strategically and contribute to the
long-term goals of the cable operation.

Nothing builds a cable career perspective
like a degree focused on our industry.
Accredited college-degree programs in
broadband are available online at the associate,
bachelor and master’s level. Give an
employee access to a business degree with
a broadband emphasis, and you’ll have a
more well-rounded, thoughtful employee
with a broader, more informed
perspective on the industry.

There’s no question that
people are a cable operator’s
most important asset. With the
endless demands and escalating
challenges of our industry,
it’s easy to lose track of each individual’s
professional development
and personal morale.
Put a comprehensive continuing
education program in place
for your employees, and you’ll
help your most precious asset
grow, thrive and become even
more valuable.

Employees at a cable system
do not have the luxury of being
professionally narrow-minded. Specialization
may be common practice
in larger organizations with greater resources
and many employees, but in
thousands of cable systems across the
country, people carry multiple responsibilities
and wear many hats. In addition
to ensuring technical competency,
a comprehensive employee training
program with a continuing-education
component can equip technicians and
installers with the customer-service skills
they need to shine on the job. Technicians
who have the opportunity to master
people skills can contribute enormously
to customer retention and even promote
additional services and revenue. The CSR
that is well trained in people skills can
also greatly benefit from technical training.
All this leads to increased customer
satisfaction and help to the bottom line.

Few investments by an operator can
yield such impressive and multidimensional