HRTV In Winner's Circle with NCTC Renewal


HRTV has inked a carriage agreement renewal with the National Cable Television Cooperative.
Reflecting the changing marketplace and different needs of distributors, the contract, financial terms of which were not disclosed, enables NCTC members to add HRTV on an any level of service, including diigtal sports tiers.
Formerly HorseRacing TV, HRTV now features 24/7 equestrian programming geared towards an active, dedicated and highly diverse sports demographic. Programming ranges from world-class coverage of thoroughbred racing to popular competitions such as rodeo, reining, show-jumping and polo as well as original documentaries and numerous instructional series. The co-op  counts some 95- members across the country.
"HRTV is thrilled to remain a part of the NCTC family. As an independent cable sports network, we identify with many of the challenges and frustrations that face so many NCTC member companies. Together, we look forward to delighting horse fans across the country and in the process, achieving mutual success," said Scott Daruty, president of HRTV in announcing the deal.

Noted NCTC president and CEO Rich Fickle: "NCTC is always pleased to expand its partnerships, by adding an independent channel like HRTV to our members' overall programming portfolio. HRTV is dedicated to providing specialized quality content, in this case for the Equestrian enthusiast, which results in our members' consumers having more viewing choices."