HSM2 Buzz Spawns New Programming

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High School Musical 2 is Disney’s gift to other media companies seeking publicity.

Two examples: Rainbow Media’s Lifeskool TV on-demand service said Monday it’s developing a new series, with choreographer George “GEO” Hubela, that will teach viewers famous dance moves from film, TV and music videos. Such as Tom Cruise’s moves in Risky Business, Michael Jackson’s Thriller and the dance-along number from HSM2. It hasn’t been titled yet, but should debut before year’s end.

MGM, meanwhile, said it’s signed HSM2’s Ashley Tisdale (“Sharpay Evans”) to star in a direct-to-DVD movie Picture This. It’s described as “the comedic misadventures of Mandy (played by Tisdale), an ordinary high school girl who suddenly finds herself the object of affection of the most popular boy in school.” It goes into production in Montreal this week.