The Hub Starts With Major Viewership Gains Over Discovery Kids


The sneak peek of new kids network The Hub on 10/10/10 improved significantly over its predecessor Discovery Kids the prior Sunday.
The joint venture from Discovery Communications and Hasbro racked up quadruple-figure gains on Oct. 10 over Discovery Kids's performance across a number of demos and dayparts, albeit showing amelioration against very small audience bases.
The Hub in primetime averaged 154,000 households from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m., a 1,611% jump from the 9,000 viewer average for Discovery Kids, according to Nielsen data, as well as 2,122% surge in viewers to 200,000 from 9,000.
Elsewhere, The Hub scored a 1,567% gain among kids 2 to 11 (100,000 vs. 6,000); 2533% among kids 6 to 11 (79,000 vs. 3,000). Gauged on a total-day basis, The Hub posted triple-digit delivery increases vs. Oct. 3 among households, 521% (87,000 vs. 14,000); viewers, 650% (135,000 vs. 18,000); kids 2 to 11, 620% (72,000 vs. 10,000); and kids 6 to 11, 643% (52,000 vs. 7,000).
Airing at 7 p.m. (ET) hour, Family Game Night, an hour-long game show in which kids and their families play for points and prizes as teams, was the network's top telecast among kids 2 to 11 (145,000), kids 6 to 11 (116,000) and viewers (267,000).
Also on Sunday, The Hub, which expected to bring in its fair share of family watching, was the top co-viewed network among all kid cable networks among kids 2 to 11 and persons 18 to 49, as 36% of the younger set watched with their elders outperforming all kid networks, including Nickelodeon (by 20%), Disney Channel (18%) and Cartoon Network (18%), according to network officials.
Additionally, 57% of persons 18 to 49 watched The Hub with a kid 2 to 11, topping all kid outlets, including Nickelodeon (35%), Disney Channel (40%) and Cartoon Network (28%).