Hughes Breaks 10M DirecTV Receivers


Hughes Networks Systems said it has shipped 10 million DirecTV Inc. receivers since it began production in 1996.

"Our achievements in manufacturing set-top receivers are a combined result of the outstanding quality and performance of our products and the ongoing success of our sister company, DirecTV," HNS assistant vice president Allen McCabe said in a release.

"It is with great pride that we hit the double-digit-million mark in delivering our leading line of satellite receivers to DirecTV subscribers," he added.

The announcement came in conjunction with HNS' first shipment of the new DirecTV "Digital Satellite Recorder," which it manufactures in conjunction with TiVo Inc. and DirecTV.

The DSR incorporates a DirecTV receiver and 40-gigabyte hard drive capable of digitally recording up to 35 hours of programming.