Hulu: 63%-Plus of Live TV Subs Watched Winter Games Coverage

Live TV subs streamed 6.5 million hours of live and on-demand coverage
hulu winter olympics 2018.jpg

Hulu said more than 63% of its live TV sub base watched NBCU’s coverage of the Winter Olympics from PyeongChang, either live or on-demand. 

Broken down further, Hulu said the average of that Olympics-watching group was 15 hours per viewer, and that Hulu live TV subscribers streamed a total of 6.5 million hours of Olympics coverage and content during the 18 days of the Games.

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Heading into the event, Hulu built a personalized experience and interface for the Winter Games that enabled subscribers to pick their favorite sports and be alerted when they would be available for viewing.

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Among other data points, Hulu said snowboarding, alpine skiing, freestyle skiing and ski jumping were among the most-added sports to the Olympics dashboard among both men and women subscribers, but rounding out the top five selections for women was figure skating, while men chose bobsledding.

On a geographic basis, Santa Barbara, Calif., was home to the most Olympics streaming among Hulu live TV subs, with 68% of the city’s subs there tuning in. The rest of the top five: by Burlington, Vt.; Twin Falls, Idaho; Duluth, Minn.; and North Platte, Neb.

Hulu, which launched its live TV service last May, hasn’t revealed how many subscribers that service has, though a recent CNBC estimate puts it at about 450,000. In January, Hulu announced last month that it ended 2017 with more than 17 million total subscribers, a number that includes those who subscribe to its SVOD service as well as the live TV offering.