Hulu Brings E-Commerce to Living Room TV Screens

Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings to be Hulu live ad currency
Hulu upfront 2017.jpg

Hulu, which announced the beta launch of its new live TV service, also told its advertisers and media buyers about new commercial and measurement opportunities available on the streaming service.

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Working with Brightline, Hulu is introducing a new on-TV, shoppable ad unit designed for the living room where 75% of Hulu watching takes place.

The new T-commerce ad unit will let viewers engage directly with a commercial and make a purchase. For example, during an ad for a film, a personalized location-based overlay would provide the ability to buy tickets to nearby movie theaters via connected TVs.

The capability will be available for other product categories, including retail and quick-service restaurants, in 2018, according to Peter Naylor, senior VP of ad sales for Hulu.

With its new live service, Hulu will offer advertisers new ways to reach viewers, including dynamic ad insertion during the local two-minutes per hour Hulu will be able to sell in cable networks. Hulu will also give advertisers access to the same two-minutes of inventory per hour of cable programming in the cloud DVR environment, enabling them to put new ads in previously recorded programming.

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