Hulu Intros Personal Profiles

Feature supports up to six individual profiles, starting with Web (Updated)
Hulu profiles.jpg

Hulu said it has begun to rollout a new feature that allows its 12 million-plus subscribers to create up to six user profiles per account.

Hulu’s new personalization feature is initially supported on Web browsers, but will be coming go “the most popular Hulu devices over the next couple of weeks,” Hulu’s Richard Irving explained in this blog post.

Update: The Chromecast, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, "classic" Apple TV, iOS, and Android are among the intial wave of devices that will support the new profiles feature, with more on tap, Hulu confirmed. 

Rival SVOD service Netflix also has a personal profiles feature (for up to five individual profiles per account) on most of its supported streaming platforms.

When Hulu subs create a profile the service will walk them through a “taste picking experience” that tells the service what types of shows and movies they like and don’t like..

“This will help us ensure that each profile surfaces recommendations and content that is distinctly personal to each viewer. If you tell us you love medical dramas and horror movies, we’ll make sure you see those genres of programs in your recommended content,” Irving explained.

Each profile will have its own name, personal info, viewing history, recommendations and Hulu Watchlist. Hulu is also adding a “Kids” profile type that lets younger viewers to browse content freely within the service’s Kids Hub without fretting about coming across mature content.