Hulu Subscription Tier Spotlights New Ad Tech

New Option Amplifies Importance of Data, Programmatic Models
Hulu 400x300.jpg

Hulu’s announcement Wednesday that it has launched a $11.99 “ad-free” subscription tier, actually highlights the importance of technologies that are playing a major role in transforming the way content and ads are delivered to consumers.

The notion that a move to offer a series with little or no advertising might have anything to do with advertising seems counter-intuitive until this announcement is pared the Aug. 25 Hulu blog about programmatic advertising.

That blog noted that Hulu would be working with the Oracle Data Management Platform and the programmatic ad tech company LiveRail, which is owned by Facebook, to offer programmatic ad sales options this fall.

In that blog, Peter Naylor, senior VP of advertising at Hulu, rightly argued that “the marketplace has shown that data is overwhelmingly the new currency.”

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