Hulu Trots Out New Features

Improves UI’s readability and legibility, highlights live and VOD watch history
Hulu UI improvement- read.jpg

About four months after launching its new platform/interface, Hulu said it has followed up with an array of new features that are based on viewer feedback.

Hulu said improved use of TV screen real estate, readability and legibility is among them, showing users more info as they browse for content. This also includes an increased weight of its font and “leading, padding and spacing” for its apps for Apple TV (tvOS), the Xbox One and Xbox 360 and Amazon Fire TV devices.

Hulu has also highlights new episodes of series being watched on the customer’s Lineup view, and has made it available across supported mobile and TV-connected platforms.

Hulu, which launched a beta version of its virtual MVPD service in May, now includes both live and on-demand viewing history on its home menu.

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Hulu said it has also made improvements to video playback, including a continuous play feature that auto-starts new TV episodes or movie after the one being watched ends. It has also added a countdown timer and details about the next video for its app for iOS and Apple TV devices.  

Hulu said it has also implemented updates that aim to reduce stream interruptions and boost the stability and quality of the video being streamed.