Hurricane Expert Hope Dead at 83


John Hope, the veteran meteorologist who became The Weather Channel's go-to
expert in coverage of hurricanes and other severe weather situations, died
Thursday from complications following heart surgery. He was 83.

Hope joined TWC at its inception 20 years ago, after a long stint at the
National Hurricane Center in Miami as a senior specialist.

He gained TV fame for his cool, steady commentary on hurricane activity,
earning several media- and weather-industry awards for his work.

Hope left TWC briefly in 1997 to deal with heart problems, but he came back
on an infrequent basis the following year.

In a recently published book on TWC's origins, Frank Batten Sr., former head
of parent company Landmark Communications Inc., called Hope 'a pivotal person in
our history ... a role model for our staff and a symbol of what we stand for --
integrity, expertise, reliability.'

TWC established an American Meteorological Society scholarship in Hope's name
in 1999.

He is survived by wife Bernice, brother Leonard and four