Hutchison Tries to Block FCC Net Neutrality Move


The temperature outside the Capitol was below freezing, but the network neutrality issue continued to heat up Thursday.

Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-Tex.) introduced an ammendment to an appropriations bill Thursday that would block the FCC from implementing the network neutrality regs FCC chairman Juilus Genachowski wants to approve at a Dec. 21 meeting.

The bill would prevent the FCC from using any of its appropriated funds to "adopt, implement, or otherwise litigate any open Internet-based rules, protocols, or standards."

The bill defines those as "regulating the behavior of broadband Internet access service providers with respect to discrimination of broadband 4 traffic, network management practices, managed 5 services, specialized services, or paid prioritization."

Co-sponsoring the bill were fellow Republican senators Roger Wicker of Mississippi, John Ensign of Nevada, Johnny Isakson of Georgia, John Thune of South Dakota, Jim DeMint of South Carolina, and John Cornyn of Texas.