Hyperion Buys $200M in Lucent Gear


Coudersport, Pa. -- Hyperion Communications Inc., the
telephony subsidiary of Adelphia Communications Corp., has signed a $200 million deal with
Lucent Technologies to buy Lucent's "WaveStar OLS 400G"
dense-wave-division-multiplexing equipment for its East Coast fiber optic network.

DWDM increases the capacity available in network fibers.
The technology allows for the transmission of different wavelengths, or colors, of light
on the same fiber strand. These wavelengths are also very closely spaced -- hence, their
density is high.

DWDM allows for transmission speeds of up to 400 gigabits
per second over a single fiber optic wire.

The system can also be configured to handle up to eight
fibers, each transmitting 400 gbps, giving communications providers the equivalent of 3.2
trillion bits per second of voice, video and data traffic. That is the same as being able
to transmit 90,000 volumes of an encyclopedia in one second, according to Lucent.

Hyperion has created a 9,000-mile fiber optic network along
the East Coast, through its own construction and its acquisition of networks owned by
Williams Cos., Qwest Communications International Inc., MediaOne Group Inc. and others.

The Lucent equipment will be located on Hyperion's
long-haul backbone network, according to a Hyperion spokesman.

With the Lucent equipment, Hyperion will be able to offer
customers high capacity without having to incur the expense of expanding its physical
fiber optic plant.

Installation of the equipment is expected to begin this
spring, and it will be completed over the next two years.

This is the second major deal between Hyperion and Lucent:
The local-exchange carrier previously agreed to place Lucent's 5ESS digital switching
systems throughout its network.

Hyperion provides telephony service in 22 markets in the
eastern United States, and it plans to expand to an additional 50 markets by 2001.
Hyperion will offer local and long-distance voice service, messaging, high-speed data and
Internet services to business customers.

"Lucent's high-bandwidth optical equipment
enhances the capacity and capabilities of our network and offers several advantages to
Hyperion customers," said Dan Milliard, president and chief operating officer of
Hyperion, in a prepared statement.

"With Lucent's DWDM equipment complementing our
network, Hyperion customers will enjoy the most sophisticated high-speed voice, data and
video communications available," Millard added. "In addition, this equipment,
along with our own exclusive network, will allow us to reach markets that are currently