iBlast Debuts Datacast Gaming Service


After seeing its market head south during the telecommunications depression,
datacasting service iBlast Inc. has soldiered on, and it has now debuted its
first commercial service centered on gaming.

'Game Silo' has been introduced in seven U.S. markets, allowing gaming mavens
up to 3 gigabytes of games, game trailers and other video downloads daily.

Using the digital broadcast spectrum allotted to local television stations,
the service beams the content alongside over-the-air signals directly into
subscribers' hard drives, thus avoiding the Internet. An indoor desktop antenna
attached to the PC serves as the link.

Los Angeles-based iBlast is owned by a consortium of television-broadcast
companies, including Gannett Co. Inc., Cox Broadcasting Corp. and Tribune

The service will start in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Oakland and
San Jose, Calif.; Washington, D.C.; Baltimore; Atlanta; and Phoenix. Plans are
to roll Game Silo out to more than 92 percent of U.S. TV households within the
next 24 months.

Customers can sign up at www.gamesilo.com. Subscriptions cost $9.95
monthly for a basic service package, with full game releases and a la carte
titles also available starting at $4.95 apiece.

The required indoor antenna comes either as a $179 internal PCI (peripheral
component interconnect) card or a $199 external universal-serial-bus unit, and
it is being offered at $79 and $99, respectively, for a limited time.

'For game publishers, Game Silo represents the first efficient electronic
means to deliver games and high-resolution marketing materials to customers'
PCs, and it brings the publisher the first cost-effective way to enable
download-based rentals and sale,' iBlast chairman and CEO Michael Lambert said
in a release.