ICTV in ITV Deal with NTL


ICTV Inc. announced an agreement with content aggregator Yoo Media to supply its “HeadendWare” technology for a broadband interactive-TV test with U.K. cable MSO NTL Inc.

“NTL is looking for a next-generation platform, and they’ve chosen us for the trial,” ICTV CEO Mike McGrail said at the International Broadcasting Conference in Amsterdam.

NTL has lower-level deployed interactive services using Pace Micro Technology plc set-tops on a Liberate Technologies middleware platform. Yoo Media has supplied the content, including games.

The ICTV-Yoo Media trial, scheduled for next year in an unspecified number of homes, will increase the level and sophistication of interactivity, said Jonathan Symonds, vice president of marketing and business development at ICTV.

“We bring to the table the ability to add animation with audio and Web-based video coupled with audio,” Symonds said. “We can also tie the Web services’ back end together in order to create highly dynamic and very strong pertinent services.”