IFC Center Opens Friday


Rainbow Media Holdings LLC said Thursday that its IFC Center in New York will open its doors to the public Friday.

The IFC Center, built in the historic Waverly Theater building, will serve as a focal point for the independent-film community.

The facility will feature three theaters -- each equipped to screen 35-millimeter and HD digital video -- along with digital editing suites and a restaurant.

“The IFC Center is a vibrant and organic illustration of Rainbow Media's commitment to supporting the independent creative community and expanding the IFC [Independent Film Channel] brand,” Rainbow CEO Joshua Sapan said in a prepared statement.

“The IFC Center is a huge asset for us, and it will be an instrumental ingredient as we continue to find innovative ways to create and release content,” he added. “Friday night will be a very exciting moment for Rainbow and IFC. We congratulate everyone who has worked on this project.”