IFC Hopes To Hit With Viral Video Spoof


For anyone seeking their 15 minutes of Internet fame, IFC.com has a Web series targeting you.  

On Aug. 18,  IFC will premiere its latest original Web series Get Hit, a six-episode original comedy series that lampoons the quest for user-generated celebrity. The Webisodes star co-creators Peter Blomquist and Jeff Wiens as two dimwits chronicling their secrets to Internet fame, which they believe they once achieved with their fictitious viral smash hit "The Ball Kicking Fight Club."

Each five-minute installment offers a step-by-step guide on how to achieve “guaranteed” viral Internet success or how to nearly perish in the process. 

Get Hit turns Web content on its head and pokes fun at the increasingly competitive race to create an overnight online video sensation," said Craig Parks, vice president of digital media at IFC, in a statement. “This is IFC.com's seventh original Web series debut this summer, and we're generating a significant audience, speaking to the quality and success of our original online programming strategy.”