IFC Jumps on Election Coverage Bandwagon


IFC Friday announced a slew of new programs this fall dedicated to tracking the 2008 presidential campaign and election, promising to “uncover the stories that are top of mind for the network’s young, independent voters.”

Will Rabbe and Sarah Scully will host the six weekly programs devoted to “thought-provoking aspects of this year’s election process,” including the Democratic and Republican National Conventions and provide an inside view of each candidate’s campaign, IFC officials said.

“The 2008 race is perhaps the most important election of our lifetime,” Debbie DeMontreux., senior vice president of programming for IFC, said in a statement. “With an unprecedented cast of diverse characters competing in the most expensive, technologically advanced and drawn-out elections, it has never been a better time to be a political spectator.”

“These election news segments will offer a smart, non-partisan perspective on aspects of this year’s election that are important to our audience, but may not be making headline news,” she added.

Topics explored in each episode include:

"The Democratic National Convention"—airs Sept. 2 and will include highlights from the DNC with daily online videos and blog posts from inside, and outside, the convention hall.

"The Republican National Convention" – airs September 9 and will feature highlights from St. Paul, Minnesota and also include daily online videos and blog posts from inside, and outside, the convention hall.

"The Conventions: Partying With the Parties”—the half-hour special airs September 16 and will provide a thorough review of key moments from Democratic and Republican conventions, including interviews with party insiders, protestors outside, voters and pundits about the event.

“Close Encounters of the Third Kind”—airs September 23 and IFC News will check in with the brave souls who have, or are currently, running against all odds as third party candidates. 

"The Rise of the Independent"—airs September 30 when IFC News expounds on the discussion of the electoral map with an overview of how independent voters have become the key demographic in this election and where that has led the campaigns and the polls.  

"Band on the Run"—scheduled for broadcast sometime in October will include IFC News hosts Will and Sarah traveling with both Sen. Barack Obama and Sen. John McCain, offering an insider's view of the campaign machinery at work. 

IFC News election coverage will air Tuesday nights at 9:00 p.m. ET and will also be available at www.IFC.com/politics.