IFC Makes Its Site Broadband Savvy


IFC Cos. is relaunching its affiliate Web site to support not only the Independent Film Channel and its Entertainment division, but also IFC Broadband, IFC On Demand, Uncensored On Demand and IFC Rant

The Resource Center includes an overview of each IFC property; marketing materials such as ad slicks, banner ads, cross-channel spots and logos; premiums for special events and subscriber promotions; programming highlights, regularly updated schedules and descriptions; research on the typical IFC viewer; and CSR training and support programs.

"The new IFC Resource Center encompasses the entire spectrum of our business, and gives affiliates easy access to virtually anything they might want to know about IFC," said IFC Digital Media senior vice president and general manager Cynthia Burnell.

It also takes advantage of the broadband connections inside cable system offices, by delivering cross-channel spots and marketing videos in lieu of FedEx, and by providing quicker updates on the content changes associated with broadband content on cable-modem platforms and video-on-demand.

The redesign (at www.ifctv.com/affiliates) is being introduced this week, and is IFC's first in three years.

Along with better navigational tools and the addition of the new Uncensored On Demand service, "we're putting up as much video as we can," said Burnell. "A lot of that kind of thing we could not do before. Now operators can download it and save it, and we don't have to send it in the mail."

The change saves IFC money on its overnight-delivery bill, because affiliates just download cross-channel spots for air, she said.

Another benefit of broadband connections within cable systems is that they afford IFC the ability to send banner ads for its program Dinner for Five, for instance.

Extra video from that show is available online for cable-modem subscribers at IFC Broadband. Cable operators can put those Dinner for Five banner ads up on their portal pages to help sell broadband, Burnell said. "We could never put that up before."

The site also sports a training program for affiliates, perhaps especially important for new content like Uncensored on Demand, which can require a lot of education for customer-service representatives.

IFC's new Broadband and VOD services require a rapid turnaround of information.

"We need to get things out much more quickly because people are living much more closely to deadlines," she said.