IFC’s 'Rant’ Mag Follows a Theme


Dubbed the “Women In Film Issue” for its focus on the roles females are playing in front of and behind the camera in the indie community, the current issue of IFC Rant may set the stage for more thematic content going forward.

“The focus has to be on what’s hot in the independent film world at the moment,” said IFC director of consumer marketing and promotions Jeff Jackson.

To that end, the upcoming May/June issue is likely to focus on the awards season.

“We want to keep our powder dry, but we just had the [Independent] Spirit Awards, and independent films had a strong presence at the Academy Awards,” said senior vice president of network marketing Evan Shapiro.

The more thematic leanings are reflective of the ongoing evolution of the four-year-old title, distribution of which now totals about 150,000 per issue.

The title, published by IFC Cos. in a co-venture with online producer indieWIRE, has made growing use of such departments as “Futures,” which spotlights emerging actors and directors, and “Features,” which highlights upcoming films and filmmakers.

While its mission is to build awareness for the community it covers, IFC Rant also brings attention back to the network.

There’s a pullout IFC programming guide, as well as a department called “Watching IFC,” which shines the spotlight on the original documentary In the Company of Women.

“The magazine, the network, the Web, the studio work together. It’s a 360-degree integrated approach,” said Shapiro.