Iger: Disney Target of ‘Campaign of Misinformation’


The Walt Disney Co. president Bob Iger defended the company’s leadership and recent performance in Philadelphia Tuesday, as shareholders protested across the street, Dow Jones reported.

The company’s annual shareholders’ meeting will be held in Philadelphia Wednesday.

"This company is performing extremely well," Iger said, pointing to its recent financial progress and earnings-growth projections, Dow Jones said.

However, he refused to answer questions about how the company's board might react to Wednesday's vote, calling one reporter's question about whether he is a potential candidate to succeed chairman Michael Eisner "preposterous," Dow Jones said.

Meanwhile, across the street, several-hundred people gathered at a rally organized by two former directors -- Roy Disney (Walt Disney’s nephew) and Stanley Gold -- to voice their concerns about the company’s direction and call for Eisner’s ouster at Wednesday’s vote.