IIA Releases Guide to Broadband Policy

Promotes Excising Legacy Regs on Telcos, Swift Approval of Secondary Market Spectrum Deals
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At the State of the Net conference on Wednesday, the Internet Innovation Alliance is releasing a "guide to all things broadband" -- a booklet meant to give legislators guidance on informed decision-making about Internet policy as IIA sees it.

Among that guidance is that the transition to IP delivery is the future of communications, a future that will require reforming regulations meant for a copper wire, analog world. "Requiring incumbent telephone providers to maintain costly antiquated networks siphons investment away from deployment of advanced, high-speed next-generation IP-based networks that consumers prefer," the guide says.

AT&T, one of the alliance's members, has been pushing the FCC to deregulate traditional circuit-switched service as it transitions to IP rather than hold it to what it says are outmoded copper wire-based regs.

AT&T also ranks number one in a chart of "Top Technology Companies Betting on America" thanks to its $20.1 billion in capital expenditures. Comcast is No. 8 at $5.3 billion.

The guide recommends going easy on regulations meant "for a bygone analog monopoly provider era," getting more spectrum into the hands of broadband companies through broadcast incentive auctions, and by approving secondary spectrum deals between private companies.