Incognito, Telcordia, SupportSoft Top VoIP News


Incognito Software Inc. introduced “SIP Commander,” a Session Initiation Protocol-based voice-over-Internet-protocol and multimedia-device-provisioning platform.

The company said it designed the product to reduce complexity and labor in configuring SIP multimedia-terminal adapters from multiple vendors.

Incognito added that SIP Commander supports provisioning of both embedded and stand-alone MTAs, as well as two- to 20-line MTAs for the commercial market.

Telcordia Technologies Inc. introduced “VoIP Routing Registry,” which will allow broadband providers to offer efficient call routing across various networks. The product “provides a mechanism to centrally administer IP-routing data to that VoIP calls can be efficiently routed over an IP network,” Telcordia said.

SupportSoft Inc. established the “Digital 360 Partner Program” to bring together operational-support, network-management and billing-support systems.

In other VoIP news, Lucent Technologies Inc. announced that SureWest Broadband will deploy its “Accelerate Next Generation Communications Solutions” VoIP platform.

SureWest plans to offer VoIP in Roseville and Sacramento, Calif. Lucent Worldwide Services will provide installation, maintenance and integration services. SureWest plans to deploy the Lucent “Compact Switch,” “Feature Server” and “Communications Manager,” allowing for the migration from class 5 technology to VoIP soft switches.