Independent Show: Singing Local Virtues


Click Network marketing and business operations manager Mitch Robinson had a message for small cable operators at the Independent Show in Grapevine, Texas, last week: When facing down a larger competitor, being local can be focal.

Robinson, who had been a marketing executive with Internet travel giant before joining the municipal cable arm of Tacoma Power, said when he joined the company, their main weapon against incumbent cable giant Comcast was their superior customer-service rating. But that was a precarious advantage - all Comcast had to do was beef up customer service and Click's advantage would be gone.

Robinson realized what really differentiated Click from all other service providers what the fact that, as an offshoot of the local electric utility, it was homegrown.

"Local is the one thing they can't take away," Robinson said. "We can own it."

So, for the company's 10th Anniversary, Robinson enlisted the help of local high schoolers to produce a music video about the company's homegrown virtues.

The video is viewable online at, but here's a sampling of the ditty's lyrics:

Click is the local one

It's been 10 years

Look at what they've done

Switch to the local one

It's been 10 years

Look how far they've come

Click Cable is the one for you

Watch any program you want to

Fun for the children and any adults who are

In the mood for sci-fi or the nightly news

They've got you covered whatever you may choose

Robinson didn't say whether the jingle made any dent in gaining subscribers, which would certainly be something to sing about.