Indie-Music Net Eyes Cable Deals

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A West Coast entrepreneur who cut his teeth in the real estate and mortgage business is trying to get a cable network devoted to independent, undiscovered music artists off the ground next year.

Music Plus TV, based in Hollywood, plans to launch a 24-hour live video-streaming service June 15.

“It’s live Internet television over broadband,” said company cofounder Marc Cubas, who is looking to roll out a linear cable network by next January.

That 24/7 network would air independent short films, music videos, documentaries, concert footage, indie-artist interviews and original shows.

“It’s good music, they just don’t have a record deal,” Cubas said. “They’re actually performing out in the clubs. We can actually give them proper exposure.”

Cubas feels that his network can go beyond what networks such as MTV2 and Fuse do with new independent artists.

“They’re just showcasing maybe five to six artists per month,” he added. “We have a roster of about 2,500 independent artists just in the L.A. area, in the California area.”

Some of the programs Music Plus TV has in development include Alternative Angles, Unsigned, Fashion Forward, Urban Roots and In the Garage.

Cubas and his partner, Music Plus TV cofounder Dennis Tzeng, are trying to get their service launched without any outside corporate backing.

“I’ve actually fronted all of the money for this whole project,” Cubas said. “There are no investors.”

Music Plus TV -- which is aiming for a target audience of 12-34 -- hopes it can build consumer demand for its linear network via its video streaming on the Web ( Cubas is hoping this will prompt cable operators to carry his network.

Cubas -- who has served as president of Cal Sunshine Home Loans and America Venture Capital Group -- has purchased a teleport uplink station. In addition, he has been forging alliances with venue owners, club promoters, small record labels, managers, booking agencies and artists.

On the Web, Music Plus TV will launch with six shows and increase that number as time goes on. Cubas bought a facility for his network that has 10,000 square feet in studio space and 5,000 in office space.