Industry Statistics


Top 25 Cable Operators
The top 25 U.S. cable TV operators, as of June 2007.

Top 20 Cable Program Networks
The top 20 U.S. cable TV networks, as tracked by the National Cable & Telecommunications Association.

Highest Rated Broadcast TV Shows
Updated weekly, the top 10 broadcast TV shows, tracked by Nielsen Media Research. 

Highest Rated Cable TV Shows
Updated weekly, the top 10 national cable TV programs, tracked by Nielsen Media Research. 

Multichannel Programmers
License fees and programming costs

Cable Network Subscriber Counts
Detailed subscriber counts for more than 80 cable networks

Multichannel Advertising
Cable network and local ad sales revenue

Multichannel Revenue
Forecasts for consumer spending on basic, premium and pay-per-view networks

DVR and VOD Homes
Projections for digital video recorder and video on demand penetration

Projections for homes with HDTV access, and deployments by telephone companies of IPTV 

Broadband Penetration and Internet Advertising
Projections for the deployment of broadband Internet access services and Internet advertising revenue