INHD: HDTV Super Bowl Ads Super


A survey by In Demand Networks’ INHD found that commercials broadcast in HD during Super Bowl XXXIX were among the most impactful, the network said Thursday.

An ad from Ameriquest Mortgage Co., in which a romantic dinner goes awry after a cat knocks over the sauce, earned either a four or a five on a five-point scale from 89% of the poll’s respondents. The survey used a national sample of 500 people who watched the game in HD.

The survey also found that among ads that viewers said improved their opinion of the brand or company, eight of the top 12 were HD spots, and 87% said watching the game in HD increased their enjoyment of watching the commercials, with 51% saying it "greatly increased" their enjoyment.

“The results of our survey show that the few high-definition ads that were broadcast during the Super Bowl had a tremendous impact and reached a very substantial segment of the viewing public," In Demand Networks senior vice president of marketing Sergei Kuharsky said in a prepared statement.

“We've long professed that advertisers who jump on the HD bandwagon would benefit from the format's ability to impact a very important audience,” he added. “During the Super Bowl, we saw some of the nation's largest advertisers fall behind a more forward-thinking group that was ready to embrace the inevitable rapid growth of HD."