INHD Survey: Cable’s HD Subs Happy


Despite a dearth of programming, ca­ble subscribers are overwhelmingly happy with cable’s HD offerings, including the quality of that programming, according to a viewership survey conducted by In Demand LLC’s INHD service.

The survey of 1,100 HDTV digital-ca­ble subscribers with HD sets, conducted by Frank N. Magid Associates, found that 71% were very or somewhat satisfied with their cable HD service. Much of that sat­isfaction can be attributed to easy and prompt access to technical support, ac­cess to local broadcast channels in HD, ease of installation and no need for addi­tional equipment beyond an HD box, ac­cording to the survey.

“We’ve found that cable’s local nature, with customer reps and offices with a sol­id presence in each community, offers sub­scribers an important level of comfort,” In Demand executive vice president of sales and market­ing Sergei Kuharsky said.

On the programming front, 90% of re­spondents were very or somewhat satis­fied with their HD picture quality, and 80% with audio quality.

But only one-fourth of subscribers said they were very or somewhat satisfied with the amount of HD programming, under­scoring a need for more HD content be­yond what is currently offered by a hand­ful of cable services.

Subscribers, though, seem willing to wait for more HD programming: An overwhelm­ing 97% of participants said they are likely to continue to subscribe to their HD service.

“It’s no surprise that HD viewers want more programming,” In Demand VP of re­search Jo Holz said. “However, our survey has uncovered something very important and encouraging: Cable subscribers are more than happy with their high-def ser­vice, and they plan on sticking with it as INHD and other networks develop more quality high-def programming.”

Other findings: 48% of HD viewers are women; 69% are 25-49 years old; and 38% earn $100,000 or more per year.