Insight Adds Some Wit


Insight Communications Co. has just launched a new light-hearted marketing campaign in which employees use mostly everyday items to convey the benefits of high-speed Internet access, bundling and the like.

Even when the MSO showcases an installer and a technician in some spots, those employees take a relaxed, conversational approach rather than spewing tech jargon. Each spot closes with the staffer saying, "That's my Insight."

Insight installer Josh Lawrence, who's featured in two of the six spots, uses a cardboard mailing tube to represent cable bandwidth, a soda straw the phone line, and a cheese sandwich to signify the content to be transmitted: the sandwich easily slides through the tube, of course.

Both spots conclude with on-screen copy, "Cable-powered and super fast."

As he displays the innards of the set-top box, technician Dan Smith notes: "This chip gives tons more channels, this chip gives you an on-screen guide, this red wire gives you on-demand TV … " That spot's on-screen closer reads, "Tons of channels, exclusive features. Insight Digital."

In a bundling commercial, warehouse tech Billy Fusiek, depicted in a cafeteria setting, relies on a packet of fries to convey the convenience of having a single bill for various services versus getting bills "one at a time."

Ending: "Cable, Internet and phone. Save $20 a month."

Production assistant Leatrice Smathers compares the convenience of the MSO's on-demand programming with a video-rental store that requires fees, fines for late returns and transport — as she holds up a membership card, a roll of dollar bills and car keys, respectively. This spot ends with the line, "Start and stop movies anytime. On Demand TV."

Customer-service representative Connie Garza uses kids' props to trumpet the joys of HDTV.

Picking up a crying doll, she observes, "This is how bad it feels to get your HD programming from satellite, because there's just not much to see." Then there's a toy monkey clapping cymbals together, which, she says, illustrates "how great it feels" to have Insight HDTV. The tagline: "More HD programming than anyone."

Red Tettemer Inc. (Philadelphia) is the agency.