Insight To Bow 50-Mbps Internet In Two Markets


Insight Communications will jump into the DOCSIS 3.0 pool before the end of the year, with plans to launch a 50-Mbps downstream service in its Bowling Green, Ky., and Evansville, Ind., markets.
Insight CEO Michael Willner announced the 50-Mbps down / 5-Mbps up tier on his blog Tuesday.  He didn't provide pricing information.


As for when exactly it will be available to Insight customers, Willner wrote, "The best answer I can give you today is that you'll be hearing from us in just a few short weeks that we'll be rolling this service out in other districts, as well, shortly after the first two districts."

Insight, the ninth-largest U.S. MSO with 775,000 subscribers, currently offers a 30/3 Mbps broadband tier in several markets.
Previously, Willner told customers that the MSO's all-digital conversion in Lexington, Ky., would allow it to deliver 50-Mbps Internet service at some point.
Over the next few months, Insight will introduce or enhance several other new services, Willner added, including new HD channels, multiroom DVRs and new programming on Insight's cn2 local weather and news channels.