Insight Reaches DTV Deal with PBS


New Orleans -- Insight Communications Co. Inc. Monday became the second major
cable company to sign a digital-carriage deal with public television

Insight agreed to carry the digital feeds of 31 stations, including
high-definition programming, multicast services and program-related

The agreement takes effect after 80 percent of the covered stations endorse

Insight negotiated the deal over the past 12 months with PBS and the
Association of Public Television Stations.

'We think PBS is an important part of American broadcasting,' Insight CEO
Michael Willner said. 'We want to provide our customers in our service areas
with a full array of digital services that PBS is planning to deliver.'

Insight serves about 1.4 million cable subscribers, primarily in Illinois,
Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio. Insight's 420,000 digital subscribers would be the
initial beneficiaries of the carriage deal with public stations.

The Insight agreement comes 18 months after the APTS and PBS signed a similar
deal with Time Warner Cable covering 140 public TV stations.

The agreement with Insight lasts for the duration of the digital-TV
transition, which concludes Dec. 31, 2006, or until 85 percent of TV households
in a particular market have digital reception equipment, whichever is