Insight Taps TVN for VOD Services


New Orleans -- Insight Communications Co. Inc. and TVN Entertainment Corp.
will announce a five-year video-on-demand partnership Monday.

TVN will be the programming, transport and asset-management provider for
Insight's VOD services.

Content will be aggregated by both TVN and Insight and distributed and
managed using TVN's suite of VOD services, including 'ADONISS,' a proprietary
asset-management platform, and 'Secure Satellite Transmission.'

TVN will deploy docking stations to Insight headends to enable satellite
delivery of content to Insight's VOD servers.

TVN will encode and archive content, securely transport via Internet protocol
over satellite, monitor the network, manage the virtual-private-network return
channel and administer digital rights management.

Insight will also have access to TVN's 'Affiliate Remote Interface,' which
allows VOD partners to view and manipulate their assets anywhere in the system
via a user-friendly Web-based interface.

While TVN's transport and management system is platform-independent, it is
fully compliant with the emerging Cable Television Laboratories Inc.

TVN's system interfaces with all leading VOD-server systems, hardware and
middleware at headends.