Insight Tries New Accounting Plan


Insight Communications Co. Inc. broke the ice on cable's new accounting
system Thursday, reporting an increase of 151,000 in revenue-generating

That worked out to 4,200 net analog-subscriber additions, 87,200 net digital
additions, 39,700 net high-speed-data-subscriber additions and 20,200 net
telephone additions.

In terms of capital expenditures (the second part of the National Cable &
Telecommunications Association's new accounting method), Insight reported $188.1
million in year-to-date capex.

The MSO said 38.8 percent of capex went to customer-premises equipment and
33.1 percent was for upgrade and rebuild costs.

These RGU and capex breakouts supposedly make it easier to understand Insight
and other public MSOs.

Insight reported $204.9 million in revenue for the third quarter, up $21.5
million (11.7 percent) from the same period last year. Operating cash flow
jumped 15.5 percent to $92.5 million.