Inspiration Adds Classic Series Quartet


INSP-The Inspiration Network will augment its family-friendly lineup this fall with a number of classic show acquisitions.

Inspiration, which counts some 54 million subscribers and is targeting Baby Boomers, is licensing a pair of shows about ranching families with the Cartwrights in Nevada on Bonanza and the Barkleys of California on Big Valley.

In addition, physician and adoptive mother Dr. Michaela "Mike" Quinn (Jane Seymour) will step onto the network's frontier with Dr. Quinn, Medicine Women, joined by the family icons of 1970s suburbia, The Brady Bunch.

The series complement the network's current schedule that includes The Waltons, Our House, Highway to Heaven and Wind at My Back, among others.

"We have assembled a lineup with some of the highest-profile, most popular family-oriented television series ever produced," said Inspiration senior vice president of programming Doug Butts in a statement. "In these complicated times, millions of viewers are longing for a safe haven amid a complex media environment. We are creating a real 'home, 'where viewers find hope and a comfortable place to be encouraged and share memories. And we are celebrating the timeless values that still unite families and provide real 'inspiration.'"

The fall schedule commences on Sept. 26. Prior to the premiere, Inspiration will air an all-day marathon of Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman on Aug. 29.