Integra5, Sybase Bring Mobile Messages To TVs, PCs


Integra5 is partnering with Sybase 365, a provider of mobile-messaging services, to route SMS text messages from a mobile operator to TVs, PCs and cordless home phones.

Integra5's system is able to route SMS messages between the Sybase 365 mobile messaging platform and users' mobile phones, TVs, PCs and DECT cordless phones.

With the Sybase capabilities, Integra5's MediaFriends application can allow a cable operator to offer a "TV Chat" feature that incorporates mobile phones. Using a remote control, viewers can invite their friends to watch TV programming together and engage in chats by sending text messages via their mobile phone and view the conversation directly on the TV.

The partnership with Sybase "further extends our leadership in multidevice social media to the mobile market," said Integra5 president and CEO Meredith Flynn-Ripley.