Interconnects Team Up for Rare Joint Promotion


New York -- The New York Interconnect and Philadelphia
Interconnect got together earlier this spring on a rare joint promotion, sparked by a
mutual client, Six Flags Great Adventure.

The two sales operations' heads -- Eglon Simons and Jim
Klunder, vice president and general manager of the New York and Philadelphia
interconnects, respectively -- decided that joining forces made sense since the two
markets are contiguous and the theme park targets both, Simons said.

The buy -- which also involved a tie-in with Turner Network
Television -- generated a combined $750,000 for the two interconnects, he added.

The promotion offered a trip to the Coca-Cola 600, NASCAR's
Memorial Day weekend auto race in Charlotte, N.C. TNT, in turn, displayed the Cartoon
Network NASCAR race car at the theme park as a photo opportunity for customers.

This may have been the first such joint promotion involving
two interconnects, but it likely won't be the last. There's nothing in the works so far,
but Simons observed, "If opportunities like that arise, we'll work with any

Broadcast-television-station groups often work together on
promotions linked to a given network's National Football League, National Basketball
Association or Olympic Games event, Simons reasoned.

So it makes just as much sense for interconnects to tie in
with a cable network on an event like MTV: Music Television's MTV Video Music Awards.

A couple of years ago, when Bell Atlantic Corp. and Nynex
Corp. merged, Simons recalled that he and Greater Boston Cable Advertising talked about a
similar joint sales promotion.

Since the telephone companies covered the Boston-to-New
York corridor, "We kicked it around," but nothing came of it, he added.