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Beta Research released the results of its “2006 Beta Research Cable Subscriber Interest Study” Wednesday.

The study was conducted via 351 phone interviews in April and May, with a national sample of non-cable subscribers in areas where cable service is available.

Among the report’s findings:

• Fox Movie Channel was the top-ranked emerging or digital network as far as respondents voting four or five on a five-point scale, with five being “very interested in viewing.” FMC’s 62% was followed by: Hallmark Movie Channel and Science Channel (46%); Discovery Home Channel (43%); History Channel International (42%); The Biography Channel and WeatherScan (39%); NFL Network (38%); The Independent Film Channel (37%); DIY and Lifetime Real Women (35%); Discovery Kids Channel (34%); and Discovery Times Channel and VH1 Classic (33%).

• In the category of top-ranked emerging or digital networks in viewing interest, Fox Movie took the crown among men 18-plus with 57%, followed by: NFL Net (51%); Science (45%); Military History Channel (42%); Military Channel and History International (41%); and ESPN U, CSTV and The Outdoor Channel (40%).

• For women 18-plus, Fox Movie also led with 65%, followed by: Hallmark Movie (59%); Lifetime Real Women (54%); Discovery Home (49%); Science (47%); Discovery Kids (45%); and Biography (44%).

• MTV Hits took the teen crown with 64% of the vote, trailed by: Fox Movie (58%); MTV Jams (55%); VH1 Classic (42%); Nicktoons (41%); Nick 2 (40%); and NFL Net (38%).

• National Geographic Channel was the top-ranked midsized network as far as respondents voting four or five on a five-point scale, at 61%. NGC was followed by: Lifetime Movie Network and Discovery Health Channel (52%); Superstation WGN (50%); Toon Disney (39%); ESPNEWS (36%); and ESPN Classic (34%).

• Staying with four or five on a five-point scale but shifting to video-on-demand networks, Discovery On Demand led the pack at 42%, followed by: History Channel On Demand (40%); NGC On Demand (39%); A&E On Demand (35%); and Disney Channel On Demand (31%).

• As far as major networks, Discovery Channel scored a four or five with 78% of respondents, followed by: The History Channel (64%); The Weather Channel (47%); CNN (46%); Animal Planet (45%); Fox News Channel, ABC Family and TBS (44%); and Disney Channel and TLC (43%).

• Midsized networks in the same criteria were led by LMN at 40%, followed by: Discovery Health (37%); WGN (36%); Toon Disney (30%); and ESPN Classic (26%).

• Fox Movie drew most non-cable subscribers’ interest among emerging networks at 52%, followed by: Science (45%); Hallmark Movie (43%); WeatherScan, Biography and Discovery Home (42%); History International (41%); DIY (37%); and IFC (35%).