Interested in Beta ‘Subscriber Interest Study?’


Beta Research released the results of its “2006 Beta Research Cable Subscriber Interest Study” Wednesday.

The study was conducted via 351 phone interviews in April and May, with a national sample of non-cable subscribers in areas where cable service is available.

Among the report’s findings:

• Fox Movie Channel was the top-ranked emerging or digital network as far as respondents voting four or five on a five-point scale, with five being “very interested in viewing.” FMC’s 62% was followed by: Hallmark Movie Channel and Science Channel (46%); Discovery Home Channel (43%); History Channel International (42%); The Biography Channel and WeatherScan (39%); NFL Network (38%); The Independent Film Channel (37%); DIY and Lifetime Real Women (35%); Discovery Kids Channel (34%); and Discovery Times Channel and VH1 Classic (33%).

• In the category of top-ranked emerging or digital networks in viewing interest, Fox Movie took the crown among men 18-plus with 57%, followed by: NFL Net (51%); Science (45%); Military History Channel (42%); Military Channel and History International (41%); and ESPN U, CSTV and The Outdoor Channel (40%).

• For women 18-plus, Fox Movie also led with 65%, followed by: Hallmark Movie (59%); Lifetime Real Women (54%); Discovery Home (49%); Science (47%); Discovery Kids (45%); and Biography (44%).

• MTV Hits took the teen crown with 64% of the vote, trailed by: Fox Movie (58%); MTV Jams (55%); VH1 Classic (42%); Nicktoons (41%); Nick 2 (40%); and NFL Net (38%).

• National Geographic Channel was the top-ranked midsized network as far as respondents voting four or five on a five-point scale, at 61%. NGC was followed by: Lifetime Movie Network and Discovery Health Channel (52%); Superstation WGN (50%); Toon Disney (39%); ESPNEWS (36%); and ESPN Classic (34%).

• Staying with four or five on a five-point scale but shifting to video-on-demand networks, Discovery On Demand led the pack at 42%, followed by: History Channel On Demand (40%); NGC On Demand (39%); A&E On Demand (35%); and Disney Channel On Demand (31%).

• As far as major networks, Discovery Channel scored a four or five with 78% of respondents, followed by: The History Channel (64%); The Weather Channel (47%); CNN (46%); Animal Planet (45%); Fox News Channel, ABC Family and TBS (44%); and Disney Channel and TLC (43%).

• Midsized networks in the same criteria were led by LMN at 40%, followed by: Discovery Health (37%); WGN (36%); Toon Disney (30%); and ESPN Classic (26%).

• Fox Movie drew most non-cable subscribers’ interest among emerging networks at 52%, followed by: Science (45%); Hallmark Movie (43%); WeatherScan, Biography and Discovery Home (42%); History International (41%); DIY (37%); and IFC (35%).