International Channel Adds Marketing Tools


International Channel Networks is mailing out a new interactive CD-ROM titled
'Passport to Multicultural Marketing' to 300 affiliates and prospects this week,
vice president of marketing and communications Jim Honiotes said Tuesday.

The new CD-ROM was designed to reinforce the marketing tools found on the
company's affiliate Web site,, which
averages about 300 user sessions each month, Honiotes said.

Honiotes expects usage on the site to rise once affiliates receive the CD-ROM
tool kit, which provides an instant link to it. New online content that the
programmer expects to introduce should also help increase demand.

International Channel plans to offer downloads of customizable ads, flyers
and door hangers that cable operators can print in-house.

Smaller systems that don't have in-house marketing executives fluent in other
languages can still order system-tailored marketing pieces from International

The CD-ROM was designed to serve as a 20-minute primer for executives who are
new to multicultural marketing. It also offers click-through options for faster
access to new ideas for seasoned marketers, Honiotes said.

Denver-based ad agency Sadler & Dorchester Marketing and Advertising
helped the programmer to create the new CD-ROM tool kit.